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Devi Productions

Devi Productions is a company in Austria under contract to Nirmala Vidya llc, where dedicated Sahaja Yogis work full time dedicating firstly to the preservation of the records of Shri Mataji.

It means collecting the original recordings of Shri Mataji, cleaning the spoiled tapes, digitize them (to the highest possible quality) and optimize them without disturbing the original sound of Shri Mataji’s voice. The recordings are then archived and masters are created which include closed captions and subtitles. Find more details here.

There are more than 3000 known events with recordings of Shri Mataji and it can take Devi Productions 2 or 3 days to digitize and optimize the material of one event. The skill and knowledge required makes it impossible for this important work to be carried out by Sahaja Yogis just in their spare time.

Currently there are 4 Sahaja Yogis working for Devi Productions, and 3 are full-time. Once the master files have been created, Devi Productions coordinates a team of volunteer Sahaja Yogis to create transcripts of the recordings and then produces the subtitles in multiple languages. There is also a Sahaja Yogi (Andreas van Engelen) working as a volounteer in coordination with DP, especially on the digitization and preservation of the audio records.

You can contact Devi Productions by selecting the Devi Production team on the contact us form.