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Nirmala Vidya & NIPC

Nirmala Vidya & NIPC

NIPC stands for Nirmala Intellectual Property Corporation. This is a non-profit organization personally formed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to guard, preserve and spread Shri Mataji's intellectual property, i.e., her lectures, teachings, writings, and recordings of her presence. More about NIPC...

Nirmala Vidya, llc is a limited liability company, formed under NIPC, which is charged with the day to day task of the protection and distribution of Shri Mataji's intellectual property, while the rights remain with NIPC. The Nirmala Vidya Portal website is owned and overseen by Nirmala Vidya, llc. More about Nirmala Vidya, llc...


''Some of you should try to translate or to edit some of the tapes on your own and see how you have done it.Send it to your leaders. Let the leader read it and then if he finds it all right, he can send it over to Me.
So that we have a record also on paper. And also the sending of tapes from places to places is very important.
And must find out the people who want the tapes, should write to a particular committee for that, that you haven’t got this tape that tape and if you get a particular tape, correspond about it with each other.
Just don’t get lost. Correspond, “Did you see? Did you listen to that tape? Have you heard of that? What is this?” You discuss now Sahaja Yoga among yourselves. Write to each other.
Now the video tapes: whatever tapes you have, video tapes or any tapes, you better inform the central committee which will be formed of all these leaders here and inform them that you have got this tape and that tape and that tape. Make a list of that, send it over and revise it, put it right because they should not be lost.''

1984-0506 How to protect yourselves